Campus Life MNR @ Sangareddy

‘Every today well lived is another tomorrow well deserved’, is the philosophy of MNR and hence strives to complement the academic component of the institutions and enhance the overall educational experience of students through a wide range of extra-curricular programmes, facilities, services and activities.

MNR Academy of Higher Education & Research (MNE-AHER) Campus is a vibrant mini-city within itself featuring a full spectrum of residential, leisure, entertainment and communication facilities.

Various inter and intra institutional co-curricular and extracurricular activities are planned and executed through the student associations, clubs and societies of MNR Institutions. The students actively participate in the events and functions organized, helping themselves to develop their overall personality. The staff coordinators guide and counsel the activities of these Clubs and Associations.


From fast food centres to dining halls, a super market, communication centre with Internet, STD and ISD telephone booths, postal & photocopying facilities, ATM and bank extension counters - all connected by spacious roads help students lead an exceptional quality of campus life.


With the starting of its Medical College Campus (MNR-AHER) at Sangareddy, the facility has been provided for the transportation between various parts of Hyderabad city and the College. Initially three buses started operating between the MNR-AHER campus and the city. Having 9 institutions in the MNR-AHER campus, now 43 buses are operating from various parts of Hyderabad to the campus.

Transport facility is also provided for sports, library, laboratory and late evening classes. Buses are operated on Saturdays and Sundays for special classes, NCC, Sports, special occasions and functions, etc. A transport committee headed by the Transport Officer takes care of the smooth operation of buses.