Welcome to MNR Educational Trust

The dawn of 15th August 1974 not only heralded the 27th anniversary of India’s independence but also marked the beginning of a new chapter within the annals of India’s education in the state of Telangana. The day saw the birth of MNR Educational Trust founded by Sri M. N. Raju, Chairman of MNR Educational Group.

MNR Educational Trust is established to enrich lives through quality education. It has charted a path of molding the students into competent future experts and successful professionals who will co-operate and contribute to make the world a better place. The legacy of the Trust is built on a student-centric approach that involves honing their innate skills and addressing their psychological and spiritual needs.

To impart quality education and academic growth Sri M. N. Raju along with the strong rock-like support of Sri Ravi Varma Mantena overcame many challenges and steered the Trust to success by establishing several institutions in various fields while maintaining quality education. Now as the baton is passed, the young Vice-Chairman of the Trust, Sri Ravi Varma, is carrying on the legacy with great passion by accelerating the growth of the Trust with his innovative and exemplary leadership skills. Leading by example, he is followed by a highly qualified, dedicated, and competent team.

He comprehends the welfare and promotion of the Trust with a wise objective outlook and is working for the holistic development of the Trust. As the world progresses towards Artificial Intelligence, Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality, he also believes that technology plays an important part in student’s careers and the future of the Trust. Hence, he wasted no time in making technology an integral part of the Trust.

M. N. Raju

  • MNR Educational Trust (Chairman)

    “Every today well lived has another tomorrow well deserved”

    I had no opportunity to attend any School or College during my early life. This only strengthened my determination to study intensely.

    As I grew, I had this single-minded desire to offer youngsters a platform to pursue basic education. During my 55 years of service as a teacher, I realized how dependent our future generations are on education for their success.

    It is my firm belief that the two essential factors that enrich our lives are Education and Health, and I endeavor to provide both through MNR Educational Trust with the help of my dedicated team.

Covid 19 - Corona Virus Updates

MNR Educational Trust is continually taking all precautionary steps to tackle the present pandemic crisis. Protocols like social distancing, wearing face masks, and frequently washing their hands are strictly followed. MNR Medical College and Hospital administered Covishield, Coronavirus vaccine to all the frontline health workers. The first dose was given in February and the second dose was administered in March.

Life after Coronavirus Vaccine (Covid-19) at MNR: Visualizing the "New Normal"

Here at MNR-HERA Campus, all have adjusted to “New Normal”, a new way of living and going about life, work, and education, and interactions with other people inside and outside the campus. Everyone including students learned to adopt a lifestyle to live with this crisis. All have learned to move forward taking all necessary precautions like wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing, and frequently washing hands. Building positive traits amongst students during this pandemic crisis is a great achievement of MNR.

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Sports at MNR

In this generation, sports have become an important part of everyone’s life, whether they are playing or watching it. Sports often reflect the culture of the country whether it is participating or hosting. In many ways, it defines a society. The modern education system is very tedious and demanding. Students need to break away from the monotony time and again. MNR knowing the importance of stress-free life and how sports play an important part in releasing stress allocated sufficient time to balance academics and sports.

MNR plans students’ academic year in such a way that sports also becomes a part of their busy academic schedule. We encourage the students to participate in sports events. It makes them focus on something besides academics, where they can relax, enjoy, and be physically fit. Sports can also be a stress buster and a way to obtain laurels for themselves and possibly they may represent the district, state, and even the country one day.