At the placement cell, the students go through numerous training activities conducted by experts which help them to build a strong foundation for their career selection process. It equips the students with the right skill sets, right mindset, and composure which is necessary to crack even the toughest of placement interviews.

Placement training helps the students to focus on various other requirements that would help them to bridge the gap between the academic knowledge they have imbibed during their education and how they can apply that knowledge in practical and real-life situation in their career.

It also trains them adequately about the job responsibilities, various placement activities, and conduct mock tests like Torsion that not only sharpens their caliber but also inform them about the area that needs to be developed. Students are recommended to enlist/register with the employment forums.

Below given are the mode of training conducted by the placement cell well before the campus interview:

  • Pre-placement Talks: Placement Cell briefs the students in advance about the company and the positions they are offering.
  • Written Test: A written test is conducted to understand the aptitude level of the student and tips are given to sharpen them.
  • Group Discussion: The Cell conducts group discussions among students so that they can build confidence and participate in group discussions fearlessly and in a professional manner.
  • Technical Interview: The Cell itself will interview the students beforehand to check their academic competence so that it will bring confidence and calmness in them and they can fare well in their interview.
  • Formal Interview: Finally, last but not the least, it will conduct a formal interview with the students to understand their overall goals, motivations, and aspirations.