MNR Educational Trust is the only Trust in Telangana State that thinks of the concept of students and parent’s as a professionally managed institution. It is established to enrich lives and nurture academic growth for students through quality education. So, it has evolved into a unique student-centric teaching approach and charted a path of molding the students into competent future experts and successful professionals who can contribute to making the world a better place.

The legacy of the Trust is built on a student-centric approach that involves honing their inherent skills, and addressing their psychological and spiritual needs, and enhancing their academic effectiveness.

MNR is always steadfast in being at the forefront of providing quality education to enrich lives. It aims to evolve into a center of excellence in Medical Science & Technology, through creative and innovative practices as well as pursuing balanced excellence that links theory with practice in teaching, learning, and promoting academic achievement & research. These are highly innovative, high-tech-based, precise, and relevant to International standards.

MNR continuously aspires and strives to establish a system of Quality Assurance, which would continuously evaluate and monitor the quality of education and training. It takes necessary steps to improve the teaching-learning process and to inculcate technological competence, discipline, and professional dignity in all our students.

It eventually aims to produce internationally accepted, competitive, and world-class professionals, who are professionally strong and emotionally balanced, imbued with social consciousness and ethical values.

Given below are some of the reasons why to choose MNR.

  • Faculty: MNR has experienced, competent and dedicated faculty who can build caring and friendly relationships. They emphasize timely task completion, communicate with high expectations, and encourage active learning, where students make learning part of themselves.
  • Teaching: MNR has adapted an integrated teaching methodology. It has evolved into a unique student-centric learning and teaching environment with transformative and multi-faceted educational experience to impart and maintain quality education and academic growth. To enhance their academic effectiveness, it is pursuing balanced excellence that links theory with practice in teaching and research that are highly innovative, high-tech based, precise, and relevant to international standards. Students not only learn but are invited to create new ideas.
  • Guest speakers: MNR often invites professional guest speakers from the National and International Industry to motivate, encourage and challenge students to achieve their goals and be successful.
  • Tie-ups: MNR has tie-ups with various International Universities for joint Research and Educational programs. It provides the students with an opportunity for cutting-edge research at the state, national and international levels. MNR has collaborations with various International Universities. These tie-ups aim at providing E-lectures (Virtual Classroom Lectures), Staff & Student Exchange Programs, and Collaborative Research Activities in the areas of Science & Technology.
  • Students Exchange Program: MNR has tie-ups with international institutions to provide students to have international exposure and education through student education programs. It is one of the best ways to experience international education. It offers a student to have a broad-based benefit and can open to a world of opportunity. It can enrich their lives; global perspective, learn to adapt to a new environment, cross-culture exposure, improve language skills, personality development, and long-lasting friendship with foreigners.
  • Online Education: MNR has provided computer labs with the latest systems in all its institutions. During the Covid-19 pandemic, MNR with concern for students provided a unique learning experience for them “Online Education” with e-based lessons and live demos by eminent medical professionals from India and abroad. These online courses provide them with lively, interactive, multi-sensory learning, combining the simplicity of classroom learning with a powerful visual medium that captures one's imagination.
  • Seminars & Workshops: Seminars and workshops are conducted regularly to upgrade their analytic skills. It helps them to get accustomed and have practical experience so that they can know the practical application of their academic knowledge. They can analyze and align their core driving values, vision, mission ethics, code of conduct, etc. They will have knowledge and experience what others expect from them in the future.
  • Internship and Industrial Visits: MNR arranges Internship in companies and also organize an Industrial visit which makes them understand working culture, and environment. Students get insight and practical perspective regarding the internal working of companies.
  • Students Advisory Cell: MNR has set up an advisory cell to council and guide on all academic, professional, and Career matters. Students can approach the cell to clear and clarify their doubts and get appropriate advice and guidance.
  • Students Care: MNR makes it mandatory that each student will get individual attention. The faculty is caring, friendly, and approachable, the students can approach them for counseling. They get support and guidelines on how to manage their academic workloads and deadlines, also wardens are available 24/7.
  • Infrastructure and Professional Ethics: MNR provides State-of-the-art infrastructure and a pleasant environment and overall works for building professional ethics in students. It inculcates personal and corporate standards of behavior in students which are expected in professional circles. Here students will learn what to do and how to behave in their profession.
  • Scholarships: MNR provides a scholarship for all deserving students for it is an award of financial aid for all deserving students to further their education. The scholarship is awarded based upon various criteria, such as academic merit, athletic skill, etc.
  • Campus: MNR is spread across 110 acres of lush green campus, with paved roads and pathways flanked by huge trees and greenery around give grandeur and beauty, lending a serene atmosphere to this austere abode of education. The facilities provided on this campus include a canteen, supermarket, and stationery shop with a reprography facility, an auditorium, and a separate hostel for boys and girls and for NRI students, 3-tier security surveillance, healthcare, library, gymnasium, indoor recreation activities, and various sports facilities.
  • Hostel Facility: MNR provides separate hostels for boys and girls and NRI students. Well-illuminated street lights, a utility center with decent rooms, and best canteen food which is tasty and hygienic, giving them a homely atmosphere. Hostels have been meticulously designed to help students lead a happy and comfortable life while staying away from home, thus providing an atmosphere that is perfectly conducive for effective learning. A separate residential block for NRI students with all the modern amenities to suit their needs and comfort.
  • Transport Facilities: MNR strives for excellence in catering to the needs and comfort of every student. Hence, adequate buses are provided to shuttle across Twin Cities and the Campus. A separate transport facility is also provided for sports, library, laboratory, special classes, and late evening classes. Buses are operated on Saturdays and Sundays also for students who are participating in NCC/NSS, sports, special occasions, and functions, etc.
  • Laboratories: MNR has excellent well-equipped laboratories in each department, well supported by experienced and efficient staff, and a set-up is provided for demos and experiments.
  • R & D Cell: MNR has an Innovative Research and Development Cell on the campus. Its main objective is to promote research activities among students and faculty and also to provide a platform for sharing and implementing innovative ideas. It also facilitates the exchange of ideas, information, and interaction among other research institutes.
  • Central Library: MNR has an excellent Library and information center spread over 3685 Sq. m. It aims is to provide and disseminate all health sciences information to students, faculty, and research scholars of the constituent Health Science colleges. The state-of-the-art central library is the domain for information seekers, be it students, faculty, or researchers with a wide range of books.
  • Pre-Placement and Personality Development: MNR has established a separate cell to oversee all placements. It renders all possible assistance to ensure that the students find suitable placements in top-notch hospitals and organizations. It follows a well-laid-out systematic approach to meet the student's career aspirations and corporate expectations.

    It assesses student’s strengths and weaknesses and gives career guidance, pre-placement training, and personality development programs to Medical, Dental, Homeopathic, Engineering, and professional graduates. It conducts various value-based programs, guest lectures, mock interviews, pre-placement training, and viva-voce, etc., to equip the students with the right skill sets, right mindset, and composure, and aims for their holistic personality development to enable them to achieve their career growth.
  • Coronavirus (Covid 19): MNR is taking all precautionary steps to tackle the present pandemic crisis. Social distancing, wearing face masks, and frequently washing their hands are strictly followed. MNR Medical College and Hospital administered Covishield, Coronavirus vaccine doses to all the frontline health workers. The first dose was given in February and the second dose was administered in March.
  • Life after Coronavaccine (Covid-19): MNR visualizing the “New Normal” has trained to get adjusted to a new way of living and going about life, work, education, and interacting with other people inside and outside the campus. Everyone including students learned to adopt a lifestyle to live with this crisis. All have learned to move forward taking all necessary precautions like wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing, and frequently washing hands. Building positive traits amongst students during this pandemic crisis is a great achievement of MNR. Considering the present trend we have to bear in mind that we may have to live in the “New Normal” for a very long period.