E-Magazine i-Mantra

The unique e-magazine, i-Mantra, provides opportunities for writers across the globe to share their thoughts and ideas with others. The magazine is based on the concept of "get and give." It helps the readers realize their potential and recognize the "I Can" factor in them.

i-Mantra aims at inspiring and influencing the readers through sharing experiences of great personalities. The inspirational stories/articles are mainly published in i-Mantra is for the motivation of the readers. It is published monthly free of cost with an intension to influence the public, in general, and the youth, in particular.

Writers are invited to contribute inspirational articles on topics notified in the e-magazine or they can take themes from their life experiences to inspire the youth.

The online e-magazine, i-Mantra has been successfully published consecutively for the last 40 months. It has won a reputation as a motivational magazine that inspires the young and the elderly, alike.


“Enriching the innerself”

MNR’s in-house Magazene

The MNR in-house magazene showcases information, articles, stories, riddles, etc., written by students and faculty members from School level to College level. Students are encouraged to get involved ‘behind the scene’ in editing the magazine.

iN-FOCUS documents the events and happenings on the campus, Faculty and Student achievements, short stories, short essays, poems, riddles, general knowledge aspects, etc.

It has an educative value. Both the faculty and student gets ample opportunities to showcase their creative power, and for some to bring forth their hidden talents through this magazene. The magazine inspires the students to form the habit of reading, writing and also keep them update the knowledge relating to their institutions.