Manthena American School, Sharjah, UAE

Manthena American School takes pride in providing an excellent purpose-built school preparing students for the future. This facility supports project based and experiential learning opportunities aligned with the American curriculum. Manthena is an ultra-modern, tech-savvy institution that focuses on a skills-based, student-centered, inquiry-oriented, personalized learning model. It emphasizes innovation and future forward thinking.

Teaching Methodology

  • Visible collaborative routines are practiced at Manthena to promote and enhance student's learning. Within the curriculum, students identify a local or global issue and propose solutions created by them. It promotes students to reflect on global issues and finding resolutions.
  • Inquiry based learning supports in developing language, mathematical concepts, and science innovation in a STEAM environment. Multidisciplinary units support students in understanding how concepts are related supporting their mastery and applying their learning through the submittal of end of term projects.
  • Students are given various opportunities to explore, investigate, and find answers to their queries. Virtual and in-house field trips provide insights into their learning.
  • Parent involvement in their children's learning improves the child's morale, attitude, and academic achievement in all subject areas and promotes better behavior and social adjustment. At Manthena, parents are involved openly in all major activities.