MNR Degree & PG College

MNR PG College of Education

The main aim of establishing a College of Education is to train the teachers in the use of ICT and pedagogy. MNR trains every teacher in upgrading their knowledge and imparts new skills of pedagogy to enhance the learning process of this great nation, emphasizing honing their innate skills that fulfill the children's educational needs. Some of these include integrated value system, leadership within the community, empowerment, and ability to make the right choice, maximizing intelligence potential, striking a balance between creativity and skills, and self-imposed discipline.

'Industry-Institution-Interaction' is a very significant and prominent aspect of the student's tenure at MNR. During the course, students are taken to MNR schools and colleges to spend quality time with senior faculty to understand the emerging trends and latest developments in teaching.

MNR Rural PG College of Education offering Teacher Education (B. Ed & M. Ed) programs is situated in Sangareddy, Telangana State. The Institutions are recognized by the NCTE, Southern Regional Committee, Bangalore, and are affiliated with the Osmania University, Telangana State.

The B. Ed Course has started in 2001 and M. Ed in 2007. The B. Ed Course has been recognized by the NCTE, Bangalore vide No. F.No./SRC/NCTE/AOS00350/B. Ed/AP/2015/64109, dated 06-05-2015. The college is allowed to admit 100 students for this course.

Recognition for the M. Ed course was given vide F.No./SRC/NCTE/APS07178/M. Ed/AP/2015-16/65931, dated 30-05-2015 of NCTE, Bangalore for an intake of 50 students.

These institutions are housed in spacious independent buildings owned by the MNR Educational Trust. The total land available for the college is 8.32 acres. The total plinth area of the buildings is 3814 sq. m. This three-storied building has airy classrooms, a library, a digital lab, full-fledged computer and science labs, etc., as per NCTE norms.

MNR Pre-Primary Teacher Training Colleges

MNR Pre-Primary Teacher Training Colleges (PPTTCS) provide training to aspirants who want to become pre-school teachers. The trainees acquire the skills & techniques required for pre-school teachers during their stay here. We run PPTTCs in collaboration with the London School of Training, UK.

MNR Pre-Primary Teacher Training College conducts continuous in-house training sessions for pre-school teachers to enhance their skills and proficiency in pre-school teaching methods.

Some of the salient features of the PPTTCS include:

  • Collaboration with London School of Training, UK
  • International Certification
  • American based Credit System followed in admission and evaluation processes

List of the colleges include:

SL. No College Location
1 MNR Elementary Teacher Education College, ( D. Ed) Sangareddy
2 MNR Elementary Teacher Education College, ( D. Ed) Kukatpally, Hyderabad
3 MNR Teacher Education College, ( B. Ed) Kukatpally, Hyderabad
4 MNR College of Education, ( B. Ed) Sangareddy
5 MNR PG Teacher Education College, ( M. Ed) Kukatpally, Hyderabad
6 MNR Rural PG College of Education, ( M. Ed) Sangareddy


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